Genetic Engineering : Benefit Or A Catastrophe?

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Genetic Engineering: benefit or a catastrophe? As the human population is growing at an exponential rate, the food supply will soon become scarce. A great majority of developing countries are already facing the hunger crisis. It is estimated that roughly half of the world’s population, especially in these nations, the people are suffering from the scarce food supply and inadequate nutrients. Although this is true, increasing agricultural practices are part of the solution, but it is merely possible for the mass production of foods with essential nutrients to support this rapid population growth. Hence, the only solution at hand is secreted within the science of genetic modification of plants and animals. There have been numerous amounts…show more content…
Modern recombinant DNA technology enables the stitching together of the pieces of DNA, despite the origin of the pieces. In other words, genetical engineering is like taking some beneficial pieces from different books and stitching them together to make the finest book. Scientists have used the modern recombinant DNA technology since the 1980’s to make copies of genes, determining the gene function, studying gene expression, and creating models for human disease. In the process, this technology has been used to generate food crops that are genetically modified. Dr. Lin Yan and Dr. Philip S. Kerr, the researchers at Du Pont Protein Technologies, describe that “Based on the current population growth rate of 1.4% per year, the world 's population is forecast to increase from the current level of approximately six billion to nine to twelve billion in 50 years”(page 135, par.1). In other words, the exponentially growing population of the world needs an increased agricultural production. A greater agricultural production means more land is required that would result in overgrazing, over plowing and finally deforestation. Additionally, they also point out that approximately 250 million children’s are at risk of vitamin A deficiency, which may lead to eye damage or irreversible blindness. Also, 2 billion people worldwide are already at risk of iron deficiencies that can cause Iron Deficiency Anemia, which causes insufficient oxygen and eventually death. Admittedly, there is not
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