Genetic Engineering: Brave New World

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Genetic engineering has been around for many years and is widely used all over the planet. Many people don’t realize that genetic engineering is part of their daily lives and diet. Today, almost 70 percent of processed foods from a grocery store were genetically engineered. Genetic engineering can be in plants, foods, animals, and even humans. Although debates about genetic engineering still exist, many people have accepted due to the health benefits of gene therapy. The lack of knowledge has always tricked people because they only focused on the negative perspective of genetic engineering and not the positive perspective. In this paper, I will be talking about how Genetic engineering is connected to Brave New World, how the history of…show more content…
According to the article Is GE food safe? “The reason that genetically engineered food could be dangerous is because there has been no adequate testing to ensure that extracting genes that perform an apparently useful function as part of that plant or animal is going to have the same effects if inserted into a totally unrelated species,” (Shah). These concerns don’t only warn people about genetically modified foods, but also about genetically modified human beings because this technique changes all the cells of the human baby and would be passed down to future generations. Experts fear these consequences due to the lack of safety testing which is very important because it can detect any unintended side effects from GE foods and babies.
Like any technology, genetic engineering offers benefits as well as potential risks. Genetic engineering can negatively affect human health as well as environmental impacts. For example, genetic engineering can cause allergic reactions or even create new ones. According to the article, Genetically Engineered foods, “Modified organisms may interbreed with natural organisms and out-compete them, leading to extinction of the original organism or to other unpredictable environmental effects,” ("Genetically engineered foods: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia"). Genetically engineering can cause this environmental problem directly because an engineered
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