Genetic Engineering : Genetically Modified Crops

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CW 1 : 'Genetically Modified Crops ': should they be allowed in the UK? Genetic engineering is a controversial, powerful and the uprising topic in the field of biology. Genetic engineering is also refereed as recombinant DNA technology as it includes the alteration of genes in living organisms to get the results that favour human kind (NewScientist, 2006). The technology is used in agriculture, medicine and food sciences. Various kinds of genetic alterations are possible which include the inserting of genes of one specie to another to get the required traits and the unwanted traits can be removed by excluding the gene of that specific trait (Efsa, 2015). Transgenic organism produced in the…show more content…
There are top 10 countries where most Genetically modified crops are grown such as USA ( 69 million ) , Brazil (30.3 million), Argentina (23.7 million), India (10.6 million), Canada (10.4 million), China (3.9 million), Paraguay (2.8 million), Pakistan (2.6 million), South Africa (2.3 million) and Uruguay (1.3 million) (Efsa, 2015). This is because genetically modified crops have many benefits as they can expand yields grown on same or less real estate and they can also lessen the chances of product being harmed from weeds, infections and creepy crawlies, which implies herbicide applications are more exact or utilized more. Oklahoma State University publish that the increment of genetically modified foods and creatures usually requires less chemicals, time and devices, furthermore, help to decrease pollution, green house gas and soil crumbling (HuffigtonPost, 2011). This can improve prosperity of the earth incorporating residences and add to the supporting of better air and water quality. GM crops are said to be more more nutritious as far as mineral or vitamin content, it can likewise play a critical part in fighting malnutrition (Genetically Modified Food and Global Welfare, 2011). The United Nations instructs that vitamin A enhance rice serving to lessen worldwide vitamin A insufficiencies. According to research GM crops are safer than traditional crops and are
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