Genetic Engineering : Genetically Modified Foods

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“It has been estimated that 70% of all processed foods in the United States contain at least one genetically modified ingredient.” (Genetically M...Foods 3). Genetically Modified foods are all around us and are quickly become a staple in our future. If you check the internet and do a quick search for “GM Foods”, expect to be flooded by opinionated articles both encouraging and refuting the use of GM products in our food. After sifting through all the articles and only focusing on the facts, I have taken two things. One, Genetic engineering of foods is when we take a desirable traits from one plant, ie. resistant to a certain pesticide, and physically implant it into another plants seeds in order to take on that resistance gene without…show more content…
“In the U.S., the government has approved GMOs” (GMO Facts 1). For the most part, our government is in place to protect us, and with an approval of GM Foods , or GMOs, we can safely rest knowing that they are safe to consume due the to rigorous testing the GMO’s had to go through in order to be approved. The USA is not the only country that allows them and does not require a label to be on the box of GM foods, “Countries such as Australia, Japan, and the United States currently have no laws requiring companies to label products containing genetically modified ingredients.” (Genetically M...Foods 3). The reason why they don 't require a label on GM products is because there is no need to cause an unnecessary sense of fear to the consumers that are not educated about GMO’s. There is really no reason to anyways because the Government said they are safe to eat, therefore we may consume them safely. In most cases, more is better, and with our current population crisis, more food is definitely better so we may feed everyone on our planet. Typically we have a very small window of a growing season, genetic modification can add a gene to a plant to allow it to grow in a cooler environment, and can even allow them to grow faster with a larger yield. “Genetic engineering offers a time-saving method for producing larger, higher-quality crops with less effort and expense.” (Genetically M...Foods 1). This means a bigger yield of a higher
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