Genetic Engineering In Brave New World

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Society is constantly arising and changing due to developments in technology and continuous innovation. Although some technological resources improve the lives of citizens, new resources like genetic engineering and the modification of offspring are examples of potential dangers to a currently stable society. Aldous Huxley describes a destructive society due to genetic engineering in his novel, Brave New World. His novel shows the risks that genetic engineering brings to a society. Genetic engineering produces a negative effect on society that would cause a change that is disruptive and lasts indefinitely. The thought of genetically engineered fruit doesn’t usually cross one’s mind, but when fruit is replaced with babies, the strangeness of the idea surfaces. Genetic engineering goes against morals of society by suggesting that babies are to be made in a laboratory. Genetic engineering suggests that the right way to produce babies is scientifically in a laboratory because “our technological advances- including those that require overriding existing moral boundaries- quickly seem insufficient, because the human desire for perfect control and perfect happiness is insatiable”(Cohen). Scientists believe that society will never be satisfied with current technology, so scientists find ways to make people satisfied by giving them ways to make perfect children. In Brave New World, the society begins with technological advances like genetic engineering, but eventually leads to soma
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