Genetic Engineering In Our Food.. Genetic Engineering,

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Genetic Engineering in Our Food Genetic Engineering, more accurately referred to as “Bioballistics” a process where a small metal projectile is covered in plasmid DNA is fired at a small petri dish where Germ Cells of another organism awaits. The disruption of the cells delicate state causes destabilization, and the cells stabilize elements from both the fired DNA and the Germ cells merge. This process did not exist until quite recently, between the years 1983 and 1986 the first Gene Gun was developed by Scientists John C Sanford, Ed Wolf and Nelson Allen at Cornell University, and Ted Klein of DuPont. A revolutionary discovery to be sure, but to what end? That of Gene Mutation, and serious health problems in the near future, not three…show more content…
Cotton while not consumed, it is used to make 85% of men’s clothing in the US and around 60% of women’s clothing, so 83% of all cotton produced in the US is GE and an average of 72.5% of all clothing worn in the US is produced solely from cotton, that is a massive number of people being exposed to GE material without even taking a single bite of food. So within around 20 years since 1996 when GE was first introduced shortly to be commercialized, around 75% of the US population is being exposed to GE materials through food and also through the clothes we all wear. Let’s switch gears and talking about the potential development of Gene Mutation, the addition of foreign chemicals and toxins to our bodies will begin to cause problems, don’t believe that? Thinking about this, you leave a Loaf of bread out on the counter for 4 weeks. Four weeks pass you check on the bread it is Moldy, yep nothing out of the ordinary, you most likely suspected this would happen. Okay now you take another Loaf of bread and open the bag take some of the Mold from the previous bag and place it inside of the new bread bag, you observe the bread over the next 2 weeks and notice a much more rapid growth than that of the first Loaf, why? Well there was something introduced to the second Loaf that was not present in the first, the Mold. And we can agree that because of the Mold (A Foreign Substance) was introduced there was a response, faster growth of the Mold on the second Loaf. See
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