Genetic Engineering In Wendell Johnson's The Made-To-Order Savior

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Genetic engineering has becoming a groundbreaking science to treat rare diseases. People keep their hope on the development of genetic engineering. As a result, genetic engineering takes away all the emotions and ethics to build the totally mechanic era. People also need to consider about the basic identity which is always against the genetic engineering. People use the creative thought and moral purpose to develop the genetic techniques to give people hope to have a longer life. It is creative ability that makes the world develop, but when people become more and more dependent on genetic engineering, people find that there is no more creativity and morality in the life. In the essay “the Made-to-Order Savior”, written by Lisa Belkin, she talks about the story about children who have a Fanconi anemia need to find the way to treat, the private sector, which represents the doctor’s view with the scientific knowledge, on the other hand the second sector represents the parents who have the emotion and think the work in an emotional way. Those two sides of people all have their own reasons and conflicts between different methods in dealing with the disease. Belkin gives the reader a chance to understand that when bioengineering and other science projects get into people’s life. there is going to be no more ethical dilemma, instead people will think it in a mechanical reaction. In Wendell Berry’s essay, “God, Science, and Imagination”, she points out, people lose the creativity

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