Genetic Engineering: Making a Gamble Less Risky

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Choosing an embryo’s genetic makeup is a practice that allows potential parents to hold a large amount of power in the life of their child. But should that power be limited so that only necessary traits can be selected and deleted or should there be free reign? Many people are uninformed on this issue, so opinions and stances are fairly scattered and there are numerous different arguments presented. This essay serves to examine the process of creating a designer baby further, and to suggest that the practice of genetically engineering embryos should only be available in order to ensure that children will not possess traits for illnesses and/or diseases, and explain why. The first, well-known case of parents having a designer baby and selecting traits was the case of Scott and Monique Collins, in 1996. The couple wanted to select the gender of their next child as they had conceived two sons previously, and wanted to add a daughter to the family unit. The two saw doctors at the Genetics & IVF Institute in Fairfax, Virginia, for in vitro fertilization. This case was one of the first media-publicized instances in which the selection of the embryo’s…

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