Genetic Engineering : Medical Perfection Or Playing God

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Thesis Statement
“Genetic engineering differs from cloning in key ways. Whereas cloning produces genetically exact copies of organisms, genetic engineering refers to processes in which scientists manipulate genes to create purposefully different versions of organisms—and, in some cases, entirely new living things”, duplication of genetic cells is known as human cloning. Development of genetic engineering biotechnologies undermines the natural autonomy of life. Does genetic engineering interfere with God’s natural order or a manipulation of God creation and the intended purpose of our lives? Genetic engineering goes against the theological belief of the authority of God and religion governance order. This new paradigm of genetic engineering reproduction of life as we know is an interference of the creation of God’s and life. I believe if we continue the use of genetic engineering cloning it is against everything we believe in, genetic engineering is not God’s will and it should be prohibited,


Genetic engineering is an issue that involves ethical, moral and social choices. With breakthrough research of human genetic engineering and experiments in DNA in medicine, pharmacology, and reproductive technology, DNA a deoxyribonucleic acid, that has a self-replicating chromosomes cell that has genetic information that can be used for to divide, reproduce DNA molecules, that has been used in bioengineering for

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