Genetic Engineering Of Food Products Essay

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Genetic engineering of food produce is considered a miracle technology. Many speculate that this discovery has the possibility to end world hunger. By mass producing and marketing produce, the associated costs will decrease. With lower production costs for crops, healthy options will not only be more accessible, but more affordable for customers as well. Some even contend that the overall health of the general population will improve. How does this affect the healthcare industry? If we can genetically modify food, why not humans? By accepting and utilizing engineered produce as a viable food source, many express it would eliminate the need for trade, because each country would be capable of producing its own food. Which corporation(s) would corner the market? If genetically engineered goods permeate the market, a trading would become obsolete. An intense plunge in the value of produce would agitate the stock market. The eradication of trading produce would cripple most, if not all, economies (Gandel, 2010). Though genetic engineering of food has drawbacks, the benefits arguably may manage to outweigh them. The total dissolution of world hunger is an impressive feat. But, do the perceived benefits of genetic engineering make the hassle of starting a business worthwhile? Have the potential threats to democracy along with the socioeconomic implications associated with the utilization of new and emerging human engineering technologies thoroughly been considered?
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