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Genetic Engineering There are many risks involved in genetic engineering. The release of genetically altered organisms in the environment can increase human suffering, decrease animal welfare, and lead to ecological disasters. The containment of biotechnological material in laboratories and industrial plants contributes to the risk of accidental release, especially if the handling and storage are inadequate. The purely political dangers include intensified economic inequality, the possibility of large-scale eugenic programs, and totalitarian control over human lives. How should the acceptability of these risks be determined? We argue that the assessment should be left to those who can be harmed by the decisions in question. Economic…show more content…
If, on the other hand, there is no God, we can only lose a few earthly pleasures by acting as if there was. Since the happiness and misery we encounter if God exists are infinite, it is always, no matter how small the probability, in our own best interest to place our trust on His beneficient existence rather than on the meagre pleasures of godless hedonism. The ethos of Pascal's wager can be easily applied to genetic engineering. We can either believe or disbelieve that all living beings have an essence, or nature, which must not, for fear of an unnamed but absolute horror, be tampered with. As our belief in this essence would only cost us a few technological advances we can live without, we should not risk drawing upon ourselves the ultimate punishment by 'playing God' or by otherwise acting 'unnaturally'. (3) Deontological critics of biotechnology typically argue that the new gene-splicing techniques can involve acts which should never be performed, whatever the consequences. For a proponent of this view, the dangerous element in genetic engineering is not the probability of concrete physical or psychological harm which can ensue from its use, but the likelihood that it can lead people into performing acts which are categorically forbidden. These acts are in some theories linked with the essence of humanity, and in others with the concept of absolute rights or
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