Genetic Engineering: Paper 3. Long, Blond Hair, Bright,

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Genetic Engineering: Paper 3 Long, blond hair, bright, blue eyes, genuine personality, athletic strengths, and intellectual brains: a flawless counterpart for any child being raised in today’s society. It’s a matter of time before the enhancement of human evolution is available to the world. Currently the question doesn’t begin with if but instead portrays the matter of when will genetic engineering be ready to manipulate the human nature. Genetic engineering, which includes the deliberate modification of human characteristics in a specific organism, causes controversy between people with difference in opinion (U.S.). Genetic engineering for the aspiration of designer babies is not right, however utility for medical reasons of a fetus…show more content…
Researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) have produced five macaque monkeys, a type of forest-dwelling, medium-sized monkey, using the genetically engineered techniques. According to the scientists, all five monkeys appear to be healthy. The problem is it will take years to know how future generations will be affected. After experimenting the macaques, the researchers worked with fertilized human eggs. The research resulted in abnormalities found in the human zygotes, which are single cells formed by the merging of an egg and a sperm, that were not observed in the macaque’s fertile eggs. “It looks like human oocytes (eggs) are more sensitive,” the lead researcher and reproductive biologist, Shoukhrat Mitalipov said (Darnovsky) Even though there are abnormalities often found, there have been fewer. Cases of various solemn diseases due to the process of genetic screening. This process analyzes a group of embryos to determine genetic vulnerability to a specific disease. “Screening embryos is still highly controversial and even not allowed in some countries, but it appears to be a reasonable option for couples,” said the Institute 's director, Yury Verlinsky (Horsey). Couples should acknowledge the diseases that their child could inherit, if there is a history of a serious disease in the family, the couple can consult about going through in-vitro fertilization. Doctor’s will strive, with the couple, to carefully designate a healthy embryo,

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