Genetic Engineering Persuasive Speech

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Imagine a world where you are one of one hundred humans left in existence.This hell on Earth is what I have to live in every single day. Ever since the great drought the world has been plagued by disease and warfare over what little eatable food there is left. Me and the other survivors, which I call my friends in attempt to preserve what little sanity I have left, travel from town to town in our year-old tattered clothes to scrap together the next meal. As I question my purpose for living, I realize that this doomsday scenario could have been easily avoided if the world’s scientists and farmers had taken one simple yet tremendously effective step into account: genetic engineering. Through the use of genetic engineering, we can made the food we consume tremendously safe, healthy, and tasty. The revolutionary discovery of pesticides has saved many lives from deadly…show more content…
As said by Walton, “The biotech company Monsanto has employed genetic engineering to develop "DroughtGard" maize varieties, which contain a gene from the bacterium Bacillus subtilis that reduces the plant's water requirements in its early growth stages (Walton 1).\” Not only preserving food in times of droughts, genetic engineering could have farmers millions of dollars by providing an alternative to irrigation systems bringing water to the crops. In a world of growing seafood demand, fisherman find it very difficult to keep up with these needs. This is where -yep you guessed it- genetic engineering comes into play. A new strain of salmon called AquaAdvantage salmon allows the maturing process to take place in nearly half the time of a regularly maturing salmon. Through the GE process, there is a way to implement a growth hormone gene allowing the production of twice as many fish in the same period of
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