Essay on Genetic Engineering: The Impact of Human Manipulation

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The scenes of a science fiction movie show presumably unrealistic scientific inventions. In today's world, time travel, cloning, and even light sabers are some of the countless topics that are seemingly unattainable and just ideas of the imagination. Saying that these events are feasible would be completely absurd. However, with recent scientific advancements, science fiction is now becoming more of a reality rather than a fantasy. Nevertheless, only about twenty-five years ago, genetic engineering fell into this same, idealistic category. Although genetic engineering was once a totally impractical thought, today, it is a prominent issue around the world. The most controversial subject of genetic engineering deals with…show more content…
Opting to use genetic screening to make sure your child is disease ridden disrespects those individuals who are living their lives each day with it (Lee). Lee supports the idea that "the actions taken by those who choose to screen to avoid affected pregnancies are taken as an assault on what it means to be a disabled person" (Lee). While genetic engineering may start out being used for health issues, the restricted use of science will rapidly begin to be used for nonmedical purposes. Physicist Richard Steve agrees that "genetic manipulation of embryos will 'start therapeutically' and later be used in controlling evolution" (Johnson 19). After more diseases begin to be engineered out of the human race, scientists and parents are going to look at more specific flaws of a person. Randolph Steve says that asthma has been classified as a disease that scientists are able to genetically alter (19). Whereas some parents do not want their child living with asthma, others believe it is acceptable to genetically engineer a child to replace one who has passed away. The Matersons family case is very notorious because if the family is granted permission to select the sex of their child to be another girl, they may neglect their child and envision her to be like their deceased daughter (Lee). A major debate among society questions the reliability of genetic
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