Genetic Engineering and Genetically Modified Food

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Genetically Modified Food also known as GMO’s are foods that had specific changes in their DNA. They use genetic engineering to change the DNA anytime they want to. According to “About 80% of the U.S. food is processed and has an ingredient that comes from an age crop. Some of the food characteristics can be altered either in a negative or positive way”. Consumers say that traditional foods are safe to eat. Genetically modified food connects to a lot of health concerns. Traditional food has been consumed for many years. Most of these days America has been eating genetically modified food. The food that’s been grown the natural way organic food. The food is healthy but it rots way faster. China doesn’t eat the same as we do. People that consume say that traditional foods that have been eaten for a long time are safe. When they make genetically modified food it’s either altered in a negative way or a positive way. The NFA/ National food authorities are called upon to expect the traditional foods. Some plants that are new and developed through breeding methods may not be evaluated using risky techniques. The GMO authorities say that the techniques they use are necessary. The environmental cost is high. There are environment risk assessment for both the GMO’s and the receiving environment. The companies who have and or make GMO’s have processes that help/ let them evaluate the effects of the environment and how stable it is. Sometimes the assessments the do
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