Genetic Engineering and a Brave New World

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Genetic Engineering is one of the current hot button topics of our world today and its also the fundamental theme in widely know novels such as Brave New World and My Sister’s Keeper. But what exactly is Genetic Engineering? What exactly does Genetic Engineering entail? Genetic Engineering in its self is a mammoth and board field, yet not many people actually know or even understand the diversity that Genetic Engineering entails. When most people perceive the slightest sound of the word Genetic Engineering they robotically think about cloning. A massive ninety seven percent of people in the Unites States of America have heard of cloning at least once in their lives has a from of Genetic Engineering. Most undoubtable because of infamous…show more content…
In 1990, a young child with an extremely poor immune system recieved genetic therapy. Some of her white blood cells were genetically manipulated and re-introduced into her bloodstream while she watched Sesame Street. These new cells have taken over for the original, weak white cells, and her immune system now works properly. Although relatively few people have had their cells genetically altered, these advances have made the prospect of mainstream genetic medicine seem more likely. Genetic engineering is so expansive and unpredictable that there is no certain line of attack to illustrate precisely what the future has in store for it development. It would seem that the most logically need for genetic engineering would be in medicine. Since disease and viruses have a genetic component, it is said that healing may be sped along in the future by using bacteria-made proteins to augment the healing process. The genes regulating the production of these proteins can be inserted into bacteria, "teaching" the bacteria how to make the identical proteins. (Future of Genetic Engineering) Unfortunately, this is a supremacy that is without difficulty mistreated. Athletes could possibly have
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