Genetic Evolution : Biological Evolution Essay

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Macallan Miller Mr. Stratz 2016 Biological Evolution Biological Evolution Biological evolution, what is it? To start off, the subject can be a challenging topic, but the basic principles are rather quite simple. This paper will go over both simple and more complex ideas such as Darwin 's theory of evolution, natural selection, specific topics about development of embryos and genetic variation between plants and animals. Finally this paper will touch on gene therapy and, genetic engineering. Darwinism, or Darwin’s theory of evolution mentions that a species evolves through natural selection. So, how does it work? Prehistoric sharks are a perfect example of advancing natural selection. In fact, prehistoric sharks never used to have the rough skin- they have now. They once had smooth skin going both ways on their body, but this trait increased drag and as a consequence made them slower. There is also evidence showing that their jaws were also in a somewhat fixed position similar to a human 's jaw along with the surrounding muscle. As a result, one of the problems these sharks faced was they could only eat anything they could get their jaws around, such as a smaller animal with a thin or flat body. Later through natural selection and other processes, their jaws evolved to extend out as they opened their mouths, allowing them to consume larger prey. One thing that sharks and all animals keep are their instinctual ways of survival. For example, how a loon dives under water

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