Genetic Factor Model Essay

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“The rate of co-occurring substance misuse and psychiatric disorders is high” (Laudet, A. et al. 2004). According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (hereafter referred to as CAMH) “30% of people diagnosed with a mental health disorder will also have a substance use disorder as some time in their lives” (CAMH, 2004). CAMH state, this figure is “close of twice the rate found in people who do not have a lifetime history of a mental health disorder” (CAMH, 2004). When we look at the specific disorders we can see that in anxiety disorders 24% will have a substance use disorder in their lifetime and in people with major depression 27% will have a substance use disorder in their lifetime, most alarming, people with bipolar disorder 56% will have a substance use disorder in their lifetime and finally 47% of people with schizophrenia will…show more content…
Mueser proposes that specific factors, in this case, genetic factors and antisocial personality disorder can independently increase the risk of developing both disorders (Mueser et al.1998). The genetic factor examines if one parent has a substance use disorder how likely will a child develop and mental health disorder and substance use disorder, the genetic factor determines if genetic vulnerability to one disorder increases risk to another disorder. Under the genetic factors lies the belief (through many current studies) there is a strong correlation between people with antisocial personality disorders (ASPD) and substance abuse. Mueser et al states individuals with ASPD had a conduct disorder as a child, resulting possible from parents who themselves had mental health, addiction or ASPD and the disorder and behaviors were passed on genetically and environmentally. As the child grows and develops so do the behaviors and personality traits of the person with ASPD surface.
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