Genetic Linkage

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Genetics Experimental Analysis Set #2 Linkage 1. In gorgonzolas, there are three recessive traits that affect the organism’s appeal: shrunken fruit, foul-smelling flowers, and short height. A heterozygote was crossed with a homozygote, yielding the following offspring: 46 - foul-smelling 44 - shrunken fruit, short height 8 - short height 8 - shrunken fruit 7 - foul-smelling, short height 6 - foul-smelling, shrunken fruit 3 - foul-smelling, shrunken fruit, short height 1 - normal phenotype Determine the genetic map for these traits, showing map distances. 2. Given the following three genes: Q -10 mu - P -30 mu - S You cross a homozygous dominant individual with a homozygous…show more content…
The two recessive alleles are both on the same chromosome. Genes A and B completely follow Mendel’s principles of inheritance; genes B and C are physically connected together and never are separated from each other at any time during any cell division cycle or fertilization event. Draw below the gamete genotypes that this individual could produce. Do genes A and C follow Mendel’s principles of inheritance? Why or why not? Explain fully. 10. You are given the following genetic map: L------15 mu-------M---------28mu---------N You are also provided with a heterozygous female, and a homozygous recessive male for a genetic cross. In this particular female, all the dominant alleles are on one chromosome, and the recessive counterparts are on the other homologous chromosome. Due to a chromosomal condition, in the female no recombination occurs between the M and N loci. Normal recombination occurs between the L and M loci. Diagram this cross, and show the genotypes and frequencies of all offspring expected from this cross. 11. The progeny of a Drosophila female (heterozygous at three loci: y, ct, and w) crossed to a wild type male are listed below: Phenotype Number females: y+ ct+ w+ 2000 males: y+ ct+ w 773 y ct w+ 782 y ct+ w+ 201 y+ ct w 209 y+ ct w+ 15 y ct+ w 16 y ct w 3 y+ ct+ w+ 1 Provide the
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