Genetic Modified Potatoes Vaccines Based for Hepatitis B

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Genetic Modified Potatoes Vaccines based for Hepatitis B Hepatitis B is an inflammation or enlargement of the liver in a person’s body due to the cause of Hepatitis B Virus. Eventually people with HBV will encounter in liver damage in the future. This disease occurs in most countries in Asia and Africa. There are some medications that are available viral treatment therapies and as well as vaccine shots. But now, Biotechnology has taken a turn its course by creating Genetic Modified Potatoes to create potential vaccines for Hepatitis B. A hepatitis vaccine shot is quite expensive to purchase compare to other countries; therefore, researchers begin conducting their Genetic Modified testing on potatoes to create Hepatitis oral vaccines…show more content…
Their experiment was a success, but further researches needs to be conducted to make sure the vaccines are easier to be distributed to other countries around the world. The potato is not an ideal vehicle for vaccines, since it is not a common food in many developing countries and may lose its effectiveness when cooked (Williams, 2002). Field Trials Researchers utilizing the transgenic plants to produce vaccine for us humans are the main purpose of molecular farming. Numerous transgenic plant vaccines are being created and field tested each and every day. Several test of the hepatitis B vaccine in the potato were hampered by the low levels of antigen produced in the plant, and by the safety requirement that only individuals previously immunized with injected vaccine should be exposed to the plant vaccine (Cummins, 2011). In this case, the oral vaccine preparations will induce "immune tolerance", thereby making the individual susceptible to the hepatitis B virus (Cummins, 2011). When experimenting with a transgenic potato, the process started out as inserting with genes for cholera, E.coli antigens and rotavirus enterotoxin. Adult mice were found to produce antibodies to the toxins after feeding on the transgenic potatoes (Cummins, 2011). Neonate mice passively immunized by suckling from mice fed transgenic potatoes and had fewer

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