Genetic Research : Genetic Researcher

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My topic for the paper is study on Genetic Researchers.
A genetic researcher or a genetic scientist analyzes hereditary characteristics to develop new pharmaceutical and agricultural products. They also work in clinical settings, as counselors for genetic diseases or physicians administering genetic treatments. A genetic researcher also alters genes in order to improve the biological capabilities of humans, plants and animals. In this field, the main goal is to help people lead quality lives. A genetic researcher is on a path of constant discovery of new combinations and permutations which can enhance the efficiency and optimality of its area of use. For example, trying to improve the quality of genetically modified seeds for better and more efficient growth of plants.

The best part of this work is it is not monotonous, because every new combination yields different and fascinating results, and can mean revolution if implemented successfully by myself. Secondly, the work is highly practical, as most of it is in a laboratory and based on experiments. This would give me great deal of room for using my brain in unconventional ways. Thirdly,the job is tech savvy. Be it the use of complex computer algorithms in bio-informatics or programmable centrifuge techniques, it will help me get exposed to the latest technology in application areas of electronics and computers.

To be a genetic researcher, a candidate needs to have a good all-around education. Another…
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