Genetic Research Synthesis Essay

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Genetics has been increasingly studied in recent years in order to further understand the relationship between genes and many disorders. The field of genetics may interest speech-language pathologists since research has made progress in discovering genetic predispositions to certain speech or language impairments. Understanding the etiology of speech-language impairments can lead to the development of proper diagnoses and treatment of certain disorders, as well help individuals or families prepare for the possibility that a speech-language impairment may arise. Researching genes has been aided by the increase of technology in recent years (Bishop, 2009). Using twin studies, researchers are better able to determine whether a disorder is genetically or environmentally related since monozygotic, or identical, twins share nearly the same genetic makeup (Bishop, 2009). Bishop (2009) explained that Specific Language Impairment (SLI) was previously thought to be caused by environmental factors before twin studies found genetic links. Using linkage analysis, or searching for mutant DNA, researchers can discover what the specific genetic links may…show more content…
The researchers explained that FOXP2 may have an impact on language development since it is responsible for motor movement. Mutations occurred in FOXP2 in the evolution from chimpanzees to humans, suggesting a role in human language development (Newbury et al., 2010). The clinical implications of variations in FOXP2 could include impaired speech, expressive language, and written language. (Newbury et al., 2010). Newbury et al. (2010) also described the role of CNTNAP2 in speech and language. CNTNAP2 has a role in neuronal pruning, and the researchers explained that its mutation has been related to SLI, Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome, autism, ADHD, and intellectual
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