Genetic Testing : A Medical Screening

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The issues of genetic testing, screening also known as DNA testing is a medical screening that identifies changes in genes to identify one’s vulnerability from inherited illnesses (Pupecki, 2006). Advantages and Disadvantages of DNA Testing The primary benefits of genetic testing are to enable us to know our genetic status. When a person has a gene alteration, he or she could seek available resources like prevention and monitoring treatment options (Darden Business Publishing, 2004). The drawbacks of genetic testing are: A) when a person is believed to have a genetic disorder, he or she is prone to discrimination, prejudice or ridiculed from other people. Employers are hesitant in hiring these individuals because they are believed to pose a risk to other workers. Also, they are a liability because their disorders can compromise their job performance. B) Genetic testing is also shown to be related to certain diseases that are used by insurance industries to deny people coverage. Insurance companies believed that individuals with abnormal genetic disorders may generate potential higher costs that are not suitable for business. C) When the test result is positive it leads to depression, the victim is saddened to believe that they are carrying a harmful disease (Darden Business Publishing, 2004). What Were Pilot Reiger’s Thoughts? Specifically in Pilot Rieger’s case, DNA testing offered him early detection of the disease. It helps him find medications based on
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