Genetic Testing And The Human Genome Project

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The Human Genome Project introduces a significant scientific finding to the world, but raises a lot of controversies. Many controversies related to the Human Genome Project are issues concerning the application of this new scientific finding and its ethicality. Genetic information from a project that once has an aim to map the human genome in hope for curing diseases are now being used in businesses. It shouldn’t be permissible for employers to require that all employees, as well as potential employees, be screened for genetic vulnerabilities and to use the results of such screening when they make hiring, retention, and job assignment decisions. These genetic vulnerabilities may include diseases, unsuitable personality traits and other undesirable traits according to the company’s judgements. Employees shouldn’t be judged by their genes, because the results are inadequate to judge what the employees will do in life, the employee’s position in the society, and the employee’s financial standing. Genetic testing should be an option for the employees to decide on job assignment rather than hiring decisions. Genetic testing only shows potential. Conducting genetic tests on employees is infringing their privacy and will also create more social gaps with genetic classes. There are possible objections to this controversy due to the possible advantages of the genetic tests. Genetic tests may be seen as a tool that will place the people at the right occupation and enhance the best

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