Genetic Testing Is The Crystal Ball Of Health Predictions

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Genetic testing is the crystal ball of health predictions. Geneticist across the U.S have been quite successful of analyzing and assessing patients (human genome) that are the most reliable and beneficial resources for patients and physicians to review patients health in the near future. However, insurance are not likely to pay for additional testing, but pay for the basic panel of testing, which include BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 (breast cancer gene of its protein product). Physicians are known to test for additional gene panel to understand and retrieve information about the patient family and history of tumor and cancer. According to Holbrook (2013), “the use of genetic testing has spread from crime scenes and footballs and evolved from convicting and exonerating. It now allows a person to equip themselves with vital information about their bodies. They can find out whether they are more predisposed to certain health risk” (p.1). As genetic testing for disease has become more popular, many laws have aimed to prevent discrimination based off patients results of such tests that are being conducted in many geneticist and physicians clinic. Nevertheless, many individuals feel that, as this type of testing becomes more popular, regulators will be forced to do something to prevent discrimination in the disability, long-term care and life insurance sectors.
As genetic testing refines and define the geneticist world of the human genome, “some will mention that we can tell this person is

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