Genetically Altering An Unborn Child

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Abby Brunswick Professor Rice Composition II April 28, 2013 In this day and age sciences plays a larger role in births than it ever has before. Now people can physically alter their unborn child to have characteristics that they can hand choose. There are also ways for people to create a baby to be the perfect match for a sick brother or sister in order to make sure they can be their sibling’s keeper. What will happen to America when people get away from creating these babies for curing purposes and start designing babies that appear to be perfect? It will begin to take away from the American experience and create a world that is designed to be ideal rather letting young children be who they are meant to be. Throughout research there is a chance to discover pros and cons to genetically altering an unborn child. In one specific research article, the authors discussed how scientist discovered a way to alter genes through mice. These scientists then planned to take what they learned from doing studies on mice and transferring techniques to actual human studies. Abnormalities of children can be changed in the mother’s womb. Alteration is not going to be beneficial to the children that are being physically designed, because they are not going to have the opportunity to live the life they were born to live. Instead, they are being created and forced to go through non-ideal situations affecting their mind, body, and soul. In vitro fertilization has been taken too far by scientist
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