Genetically And Genetically Modified Food

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Genetically modified organisms have been a contentious topic for the last several years. Decried as being chemically dangerous to the human body, potentially ruinous of worldwide agriculture, and harmful to the environment, GMOs have a rather contemptible reputation. Despite these denunciations, it is undeniable that both willful ignorance and outright misinformation have played a part in the public’s conception of genetically modified food. GMOs have undoubtedly been the victim of character assassination and it is of utmost importance that they are given a factually sound assessment rather than one based around fear mongering. The truth is that genetically engineered organisms are as harmless for the body and environment as any average, traditionally produced food product.
To best understand GMOs, it is important to elucidate their history. Despite being thought of as a recent blight on the food landscape, GMOs have a historical root that ties back to the beginning of time. That said, GMOs must first be defined. They are any organism who’s DNA has been genetically manipulated to either express or eliminate certain traits. Although commonly thought of as solely being descriptive of produce, genetic modification can be used on any plant. Additionally, there has been recent progress made on genetically modifying animals and even humans. Although not specifically terminologized as “GMOs”, farmers have been using primitive genetic engineering since the dawn of agriculture. For…

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