Genetically And Genetically Modified Food

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As genetically modified food appeared into people’s consciousness, it had been at the center of vehement controversy. Because people lack information about genetically modified food’s potential influence, they wonder whether genetically modified food is a miracle or not. Genetically modified food can solve several problems. The potential effects of genetically modified food also should be measured. However, people should not assume that genetically modified food only has disadvantages, but understand the difference between genetically modified food and non-genetically modified food and know what genetically modified food might bring such as productiveness, nutrition and safety issues.
Although people believe non-genetically modified food is more reliable, genetically modified food has some advantages. One of the most important of these advantages is that genetically modified food is cheap and productive. Genetically modified food can easily resist droughts, floods and diseases. It will make genetically modified food cheaper and more productive because the farmers can easily take care of their crops. According to Tangley (2000), the genetic engineers are developing the crops that can resist brutal environment in the laboratory. A researcher from Nigerian launched a project of cassava. He changed the genome of cassava to increase the resistance of diseases. The scientists also insert genes into crops to raise production and quality. Hence, genetically modified food can solve
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