Genetically And Genetically Modified Foods

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This quote by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho delivers a strong message to the people, a man with his intelligence and background knowledge on the topic being addressed believes that Gene technology will eventually lead to an abomination for mankind. I strongly agree.

Genetically modified foods are defined as foods that are derived from organizations whose genetic material (DNA) has been modified in a way that does not occur naturally. For instance, this occurs through the introduction of a gene from a different organism into the desired organism. Since 1995, approximately 85 genetically modified foods have been approved in Canada. These include genetically modified foods that have been grown in Canada and imported from various countries around the world.
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The combinations of these genes posses side effects on the human body such as allergies. Speculations regarding this have been challenged by Kevin, Bonham, a Harvard immunologist. He states “genetic engineering techniques allow us to precisely add genes of known structure and function to crops. It would in principle be possible to engineer corn that expresses anthrax toxin, or introduce peanut allergens into soybeans, but this would have to be by malicious intent of the scientists, not some accident. Animals that are being genetically modified contain more fat in them which is unhealthy and are being sold for a cheap price, therefore more people buy it in abundance which would lead to obesity. We know how genes work, and we know what kind of protein an

individual gene will make.”. According to Kevin Bonham, genetically modified foods are being tested on us to see what the results will be like in a few years. Furthermore, health professionals have claimed that the increasing number of bacterial strains are showing resistance to antibiotics.

Genetically modified foods can also cause increased toxicity in the human body. Most of the plants consumed by humans often produce low level of toxins which is safe. However, mixing a gene that produced high levels of toxins is very dangerous to humans. This could interfere with the metabolism in the human body. Additionally, there was an incident in 2003 regarding BT corn that triggered skin problems in 100 people living
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