Genetically Bacteria And Its Potential Against Human Diseases And Disorders

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Bacteria is a prokaryote, most bacteria are relatively harmless, living inside the human body. The article discusses various strategies of which genetically engineered bacteria is used against human diseases of inflammatory, autoimmune and metabolic disorders, cancer, viral and bacterial infections (Piñero-Lambea, Ruano-Gallego and Fernández, 2015). Current and relevant research to the topic are selected as evidence on how engineered bacterial is used and its potential against human diseases and disorders. Current opinion in biotechnology that allows the expert opinion of the topic to be projected through the selection of particular research, catering towards the specialists and experts to notify them of the latest discoveries on engineered bacteria in relation to its therapeutic properties against human diseases.
Engineered bacteria is under the discipline of biotechnology, it can also be classified under microbiology, chemical and genetic engineering for it is a microorganism that has been engineered genetically and chemically. I was also unsure of classifying the review as engineering. Although they are directly related, the article had not mention any of the engineering process, instead focused on the result of engineering bacteria and its potential. The article was published in the journal’s themed issue of pharmaceutical biotechnology which is technically a sub discipline of pharmacology however I am unsure if the review is
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