Genetically Food And World Hunger Problem

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Genetically modified food And World Hunger Problem
As Lehrer writes in the article “ We, Robots”, compared to expectation on each other, people are extremely eager to take sides on technology (Lehrer, n.d.). In the 21st century, Technology has an extremely significant effect on the lives of individuals. Technology shows people a more efficient way to do things; Medical discoveries occur at an increasingly fast rate and agricultural processes that once required a plenty of human workers can now be automated. Technology also has a profound effect on World Hunger. Hunger is a crucial problem in the world. Cowen (2012) writes that 14.1% of the world 's population starved to death and around 930 million people died because of hunger per year. As a result, scientists have found that genetically modified food is the possible answer for Hunger Problem. However, some scientists announce that because there are certain undiscovered dangers that come along with genetically modified food, it is not the best approach to end world hunger. On the other hand, others claim that the benefits of transgenic food overweigh its negatives. Because of its larger yields of products at more acceptable costs, genetically modified food allows people of different economic levels to access and benefit from the food and in turn, prevents world hunger.
Apparently, due to its large yields, transgenic food can be regarded as a solution of world hunger problem. A majority of genetically unmodified food only…
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