Genetically Modified Animals : Ethical Or Should Be Legal

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Heidi Ransford Mrs. Illingworth STEM Biology 17 March 2015 A Genetically Modified Animal is an animal that has had its genetic material altered “by adding, changing, or removing certain DNA sequences in a way that does not occur naturally.” (EFSA ‘Genetically Modified Organisms’) The goal of genetic modification is to change characteristics of an animal to introduce a new trait, such as growth-rate, quality of meat, milk composition, disease resistance, and survival. Genetically modified animals allow scientists to better understand the biological processes and relations between disease and mutation. There is a major argument on whether or not genetically modifying animals is ethical or should be legal, on the worth of changing the…show more content…
The process of producing a Genetically Modified Animal is a multiple stage process. For accurate and worthwhile results, the procedure must be exact and without mistake. First, the wanted gene is decided and identified as such. Growth Hormone is the most popular for all genetically modified organisms. Lots of research has been conducted on its use and effect, and it can be used for many species. Growth Hormone increases production of food from an animal, which is what most scientists aim for. Farm animals’ main purpose is to produce food, so a popular research topic is how to raise the amount of food, such as milk, an animal produces. Growth Hormone can also be used to grow animals faster, to get the meat they create as they grow sooner. Growth Hormone also increases resistance to pathogens. This is important for the health of the animal, and the quality of the meat or milk being sold to eat from the animals. Then, the desired gene is isolated. If the gene comes from a genome that has already been investigated by scientists, there will be a collection of sections of the genome species ready. If the genome where the gene is taken from is unknown, a much more complicated procedure follows, as the collection isn’t there. Most of the time, the genome type has already been used and experimented with. The Polymerase Chain Reaction is used to amplify, or multiply, copies of a DNA piece. It depends on the ability of DNA polymerase to synthesize strands of DNA complementary
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