Genetically Modified Crops Essay

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In the world today, we have nearly 925 million people that are malnourished or even starving to a point of near death according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (How close are we to #ZeroHunger?). With our world population rapidly growing, the amount of food needed to feed everyone in this world is almost impossible now but eventually, there will be too many people to feed everyone with normal crops. Genetically Modified Crops (Gmo’s), could be the solution to a lot of the world’s high food demand. When using Gmo’s, any given plant has the ability to have: better yields, pesticide resistant, no seeds, and many more great features. Gmo’s make every seed that we put into the ground more valuable with more of a future outcome. Not…show more content…
Throughout the United States and throughout other countries, bugs and other plants have caused many acres of crop damage. Bugs, such as the European corn borer have the capability to destroy many acres of corn and other crops have similar insects too. Gmo’s are altered to become pesticide resistant for many certain pesticides. People worry that these pesticides will harm them if they harm a certain bug or plant. When an insecticide or herbicide is used it is made to kill a specific bug or plant and is meant to do no harm to a human. If a pesticide was used that would be harmful to the consumers that form of pest control on their food would not be legal. Originally Gmo’s only were altered to have tolerance to different types of pesticides to help control the harmful insects but, in more recent incidents scientists have been able to alter the plant to control some insects themselves such as bacillus thuringiensis(bt). Bt which was first used as a common pesticide but was unreliable because of easy runoff due to both sunlight and also rain (Bacillus Thuringiensis, n.d.). Later on scientists worked harder on the bt gene and found a way to cut into the genetic makeup of any given plant and had the same effects that that gene would directly to any given insect itself. Bt is extremely toxic to insects that are exposed to it but, to humans and other animals the gene hasn’t had any harmful effects at normal levels and conditions.
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