Genetically Modified Crops Should Be Continued

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Genetically Modified Crops has become an immensely controversial topic throughout the world. Many people do not even know what a GM crop is. Marlena Liggett states in her article “Genetically Modified Crops: Sensible Ingredients” that, “Even though there are many controversies surrounding genetically modified crops, they are beneficial to society, and their production should not be abandoned” (35). Liggett focuses on the reasons why the research on genetically modified crops should be continued. She discusses the common controversies known about GM crops such as if human consumption of them is harmful and issues with labeling GM crops. From there she discusses the advantages such as herbicide tolerance and insect resistance. She ends the article discussing the progress that has been made with GM crops within the past 10 years or so. In this paper I will be discussing Liggett’s thoughts about genetically modified crops and my opinion that her arguments are partially true pertaining to the advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified crops. Genetically modified crops have their advantages. Some of the major advantages are the crops tolerance to herbicide and their resistance to insects. These traits were originally introduced into soybeans, corn and cotton, which caused the chemical introduced to occur naturally in those crops to make them insect resistant. Herbicide tolerance was introduced to soybeans, corn and canola making them tolerant to some lower-toxicity…
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