Genetically Modified Food

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I heard lots of scientists were researching the Genetically Modified Food and that they had already ended the experiment. So I thought no one would have to bear hunger. Nowadays, despite the progress on Genetically Modified Food, many people continue to suffer from famine. A lot of Genetically Modified Food comes to the market but they do not affect the market price enough to completely solve world hunger. Furthermore, there are various ethical issues concerning the use of Genetically Modified Food. In this essay, I would like to discuss these ethical issues by first discussing the current debate of Genetically Modified Food’s effects to human body, the current practices involving Genetically Modified Food, and why this controversy warrants labeling of Genetically Modified Food to help the consumers make informed decisions of what type of food they are buying.
Today, some people do not even realize that the products what they put in the shopping basket are actually Genetically Modified Foods. The groceries that are highly modified are Canola oil, milk, soy bean and corn. Specifically, the soy bean and corn are the most consumed Genetically Modified Foods in the supermarkets. In 2000, the United States Department of Agriculture approximated that 25 percent of corns, which are produced in United States, contained…
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