Genetically Modified Food

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This report evaluate about the genetically modified food that why we need this, what are its key issues and how we can overcome these issues? In the field of biotechnology, the vast development was observed in the last few decades comprising the manipulation of genetic material to generate animal and plants with certain desirable attributes. Genetically Modified/Manipulated Organisms frequently termed as GMOs, refer to organisms whose genetic material has been modified through recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology, in which genes from the DNA of different organisms are recombined, having the both (positively and negatively) potential effect on the environment and human health. Recombinant GMOs can be generated by gene cloning techniques in which a non-native gene is inserted and expressed in a target organism. There are several methods behind the basic principle of recombinant DNA technology, but the most prominent method to is the inserted DNA from a donor organism into the target organism via a vector with cloned DNA. At present numerous GMOs as well as the products of GMOs are utilized by human and researches are persistently performing to transform the genetic traits of organisms to change for the better, according to human practices (Melo-Martín I & Zahra M, 2008). Genetic modification in plants can be inserted easily attributable to their ability to grow from a single cell or small pieces of tissue (Adcock, 2007)
After the beginning of genetic modifications (GM) in food,
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