Genetically Modified Food : Modified Foods

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Zhiqin Wei English 151-91 Dr.Lauer- Cheenne 09/21/2014 Genetically Modified Food Accompany the growing population in the world and food shortages, in order to alleviate the immediate crisis, transgenic technology began to be used in the field of food production. Genetic engineering technology as a young technology, which gives us a lot of genetically modified food and gained unprecedented gains. But science is a double-edged sword. People are concern the topic about that whether genetically modified foods is safety. It is evidently reasonable for some to believe that it hazard to human health and the environment, which should be strictly banned. However, in spite of those who are also think that it is safe and bring us a lot of benefits, which should be actively developed. In this essay, my personal view is that I do not agree with genetically modified foods. Not only because of the destruction it caused to the ecological environment, but also it will affect our health and our future. So what is genetically modified (GM) food? Simply put, genetically modified foods is through genetic engineering means to make one or several exogenous gene transfer to certain organisms together (animals, plants and microorganisms), and make it a valid expression of the corresponding product (peptides or proteins) . Using those organisms as food or as raw materials for food processing. Those who hold a positive attitude claim that it is a good way to against environmental

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