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Genetically modified food has been in debate for several years. The American government supports genetically modified food, while the European government does not. It has become a power struggle over who is right and who is wrong. I personally feel that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are beneficial to the world and support the use of them. In 1993, Hawaii was facing something that could be very destructive to a great deal of people. They were witnessing their papaya fields being taken over by ring spot. It was projected that by 1993, all of the papayas in Hawaii would be killed. Scientists at Cornell University heard of this and began to investigate ways to save the papayas of Hawaii. They were able to genetically modify…show more content…
However, Zambia’s decision was greatly influence by the British Medical Association (BMA). They claim that the GMOs are unsafe. The BMA has no confidence in GMO foods at all. Zambia views the BMA as an authoritative body because of their historical links with Britain (Coghlan, 2003). In Africa, the debate over GMOs is angering a great deal of people. In Zambia there are warehouses full of cornmeal that they can’t eat. They were made with GMOs so the people are not allowed to eat them. Josephine Namangolwa lives in Zambia where her and so many others are starving. As workers come to check on their warehouse filled with cornmeal she shouts, “We are dying here” and “We want to eat.” However they will continue to not be allowed to eat the thousands of tons of food that is being sent to them by the United States (Cauvin, Aug. 30, 2002). There are so many starving people in places such as Zambia. The United States is sending food for them, yet they are not allowed to eat it. The World Food Program (WFP) says that it will be difficult to supply the people of Zambia with non GMO food. During October of 2002, the WFP was only able to help about 50% of people suffering from food shortages (Knight, 2002). I feel that GMO foods could be a great way for Africa to begin their fight against starvation. By accepting the food that the United States is sending them, there are going

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