Genetically Modified Foods : A Hot Topic For Years

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Modified foods have been a hot topic for years. The term genetically modified foods (GMF’s) or genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) is used to refer to animals or plants that have been genetically altered for human or animal consumption. Although genetically modified foods is relatively new, the prevalence of GMF’s in U.S grocery stores is much more than what people thought. It seems like consumers don’t like the fact that their food has been modified or played with, they want to know what is in the things they consume, even if what’s hidden seems to be good. . Why do people have different ideas about modified foods and they really as bad as they look? One reason would be that GMF’s have never been researched on there long in case they oppose some health risks, for if it ever turned out to be dangerous it will be already too hard to go back. Most of the stuff we buy has been genetically altered like breads, candy, most cereals, and pastries. Consumers in many countries have many different views about this topic. A lot of countries banned GMO’s products in their stores, and in countries where they are allowed, people are marching to boycott these products. Genetically modified foods is a great invention for human beings, and can greatly help us in many ways, yes there is some issues here and there, but that’s how we improve. Human beings have been using plant breeding since we first started farming. Resistance to pesticides, herbicides, droughts, and improved nutrition
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