Genetically Modified Foods And Organic Foods

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I am writing this letter to express my interest in discussing the subject of genetically modified foods and organic foods. I leaned towards this topic because I firmly believe that genetically modified foods may affect the public’s health; as well as, believe that this process involves animal cruelty. Although food is tested for safety before it goes out in the market, there is no solid proof of a long-term study. It is possible that health risks may arise, although not immediately, but over time.

From my current understanding, genetically modified food is artificially altered from experimentation. Doing so, helps farmers grow a greater yield and, therefore, helps such business. Another sensitive topic known related to this subject is the mistreatment to the animals that are involved in this process. Factory farming provides poor livestock conditions in order to have higher productivity.

I hope to become better educated while researching and considering all aspects in this topic. Topics always consist of pros and cons; therefore, I look forward to considering this issue from the ethical, political, and health risks standpoint.



GMO, genetically modified organisms, have been developed by the use of innovative techniques of genetic engineering. Genetically modified organisms offer advantages; such as, increase yields, reduction of crop damage from weeds, disease, and insects. Contrariwise, in spite of the
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