Genetically Modified Foods And Their Effects On Human Behavior

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In 2004, Jeffrey Smith wrote an article about genetically modified (GM) foods and their effects on human behavior especially on the behavioral growth of children. He claims that GM foods lead to aggressive and violent behavior among children and hence, should be banned from schools. He supported his claim with the findings from two experiments - one was conducted by the students of 2nd grade and the other experiment was conducted by one student in Holland. Both experiments were conducted on two groups of mice – where one group was fed processed junk food and the other group was fed nutritious whole food. Results of two experiments indicated aggressive and violent behaviors among mice who were fed processed junk food. Consequently, author held GM foods, which are present in processed foods in the form of corn and soy, responsible for the aggressive and violent behaviors among mice. I do think that Smith has failed to provide sufficient evidence to support his claim. He has reached a significantly strong conclusion based on only two experiments. My understanding of the subject is entirely different than what Mr. Smith has portrayed; henceforth, I don’t agree with him and intend to rebut his claim. Till present, no study has established coherently that GM foods lead to violent or aggressive behavior among children or among humans for that matter. In fact, GM foods have been associated with many benefits, which shall be discussed throughout this paper. In short, GM foods do
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