Genetically Modified Foods: Are They A Good Thing?

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Did you know that the first genetically modified organisms to be created was a bacterium in 1973? The topic I will be talking about is genetically modified foods. The main points for the theme will be Pro's and the Con's.

First off, I will be talking about how the Pro's think that modified foods are a good thing. They also maintain that GMF has the potential to improve peoples lives by making plants along with animals more nutrients. Such foods also help reduce hunger in developing countries by making crops easier to harvest by putting these genes in their. They claim that genetically modified foods is not substantially different from "normal" foods, is not harmful to the environment. Prospers warn against letting fear of genetic engineering prevent the scientific advances that could greatly help humankind.
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The opponents of genetically modified plants and also animals worry that not enough is still to be determined that such food is completely safe for human consumption. They warn that, through cross-pollution and crossbreeding, genetically modified foods can alter existing organisms is unknown ways. Opponents also question that aeration that genetically modified foods will not help human classifications and they will damage them. "Recent date has shown that the genetically engineered crops has not hurt the yields.

In conclusion, observes both sides of the biotechnology debate, compete that, with regards to genetic engineered the genie is out of the bottle. The scientist is already employing genetic engineering in a wide variety to get data to see If it improves or decreases. Observes tend to ask whether biotechnology will ease human suffering or by helping people in a big
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