Essay Genetically Modified Foods

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What is genetically modified food, and is it dangerous? According to Mather’s article, she explains, “Genetic modification refers to the manipulation of DNA by humans to change the essential makeup of plants and animals. The technology inserts genetic material from one species into another to give it a new-quality, such as the ability to produce a pesticide.” Mather also states, “These toxins can produce a serious impact on the health of animals and humans.” Yes, the United States food industry is corrupt when it comes to modified food however, their corruption has yet to be revealed. This corruption includes mistreatment of farm animals, exploitation of food workers, and the lack of nutrition in public schools. Although, all these areas…show more content…
This painful process increases the cattle’s chances for lameness, tumors, and cancers. Raloff also states, “Since 1988, concerns about the potential health risks of drug residues have led the EU to ban importation of the meat of hormone-treated animals. The United States and Canada, which produce such meat, have vigorously fought the ban through both punitive tariffs on various imports from Europe and appeals to the World Trade Organization.” Although, beef is highly mutated by man no other animal is affected more by growth hormones than chickens. Many of the chickens bred for slaughter are kept in small warehouses where hundreds of other chickens reside. These small pens increase the chicken’s chance of lameness and illness due to lack of exercise and the constant flow of growth hormone fed to them. Like the beef the chickens grow abnormally large very quickly, and can barely stand on their own two feet more than a few seconds. Although many of these animals are extremely sick and close to death they are not wasted. Many are still used as food. As horrible as this is, downed cattle and chickens are still commonly slaughtered every day. This drastically increases the chances of E.coli to spread throughout America, mad cow disease, and other food borne illnesses. Various health complications can occur when genetically modified food is ingested. Hormones used in livestock have gradually turned young girls into young women at the tender age
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