Genetically Modified Foods

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GMFs, short for genetically modified foods, are a product of genetic engineering that makes a DNA sequence in an organism favorable and improved. GMFs impact the world in a plethora of ways including socioeconomic and cultural ways in our local community and the individual opinions of many people. These mutated foods have not only caused numerous advantages, but additionally have caused many disadvantages that can hurt not only the local community but the global community as a whole. While dealing with genetically engineering, scientists must be tentative by its utilization since many individuals have different opinions on it. Genetically modified foods have an important significance to this world altogether. To begin with, genetically modified foods are foods that have had specific mutations introduced into their DNA in order to produce favorable characteristics in the food or crop. In order to achieve these characteristic, scientists insert or remove certain genes to make a new DNA sequence. This can be done with the help of restriction enzymes and transferring of genes. Restriction enzymes analyze a strand of DNA and look for a specified target which it eventually cuts off and isolates. This specified target would be the gene that is to be transferred. The steps of genetically modifying a food are DNA extraction, gene cloning, gene design, transformation, and backcross breeding. In the beginning of the process the desired DNA is extracted and cloned to make identical

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