Genetically Modified Foods : The Tomato, Hit The Markets

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In 1994, the first commercially presented genetically modified food, the tomato, hit the markets in the United States. These genetically modified tomatoes are known as crops created for humans or animals to consume by using the latest molecular biology techniques. The process of it is very simple. The geneticist will need to find the desired gene in an existing organism first. Then the geneticist will cut out the desired gene, relocate it to the intended plant that will be genetically modified, and paste the desired gene into its genome. As soon as the new gene is introduced to the plant, the plant can be reproduced to make a new strain that will be passing down the gene from this generation to the next generation (Genetic Science Learning Center, par. 9). These genetically modified foods are created by the geneticists who hope that they can enhance the desired traits of the crops, such as increased resistance to pests or to improve the nutritional content. Despite being created for the welfare of the consumers, genetically modified foods are not all accepted by the consumers in the United States. “Monster crops, Mutant Meals, Suicide Seeds, Frankenfoods- these terms are meant to label the genetically modified products as some type of concoction developed by scientists gone berserk.” (Gay 38) People fear that these genetically modified foods are a hazard, for they are not naturally created by nature. As people tried to avoid buying or eating the genetically modified foods,
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