Genetically Modified Foods and Organisms

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According to Bakshi (p.211), the use of biotechnology in agricultural production is a major tool for enhancing food security and sustaining the environment. Biotechnology is considered important in addressing the challenge of food availability, alleviation of poverty and environmental conservation. In this regard (Tramper et al 408), it is important to note that GMOs are produced by the introduction of extra genetic information into a certain organism through genetic engineering. The methods are a natural creation of the strategies hitherto employed with an aim of getting different varieties and strains. While some have seen GMOs as a solution to hunger, others have considered this innovation a danger as far as food security is concerned.…show more content…
The other factor is where consumers are in a position of determining the features of a product upon purchasing and consuming it. The final one is where the consumers are unable to accurately establish a product’s quality even after evaluation, purchase and consumption. With these in mind, Isaac and Phillips (p.3) maintain that the consumers are unable to establish the presence of genetically modified ingredients except that the availability of these ingredients is revealed through labeling.
The other studies have established that as a whole, most of the consumers from the United States do not have sufficient knowledge regarding GMOs. Furthermore, Hallman et al (p.6) submits that majority of the consumers do not acknowledge the prevalence of genetically modified ingredients found in different food products. This means that a major reason justifying why some of consumers might have poor attitude in regard to genetic modification is because they are lack knowledge regarding GMOs. In the same vein, Huffman et al (p.1223), submits that consumers from the United States are concerned regarding the safety risks and environmental dangers related to GMOs.
Bauman (p.1) also submits that the rising use of GMOs has triggered debate among other religious communities. Religion is an important factor in any society. This is because most people across the globe relate to a particular religion and use the religious teachings as a guide in their
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