Genetically Modified Organism ( Gmo )

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As the number of people in the world continue to increase, it will be joined by an increase in the interest for food. Since the land that is being used for planting is no longer expanding, unless new production innovation is created, the increase in demand for food will raise food prices and lead to food shortages. There seems to be only one solution to this problem at the moment and that is the implementation of Genetic Engineering, in other words, GMOs. A Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic characteristics have been altered using biotechnology and GE (genetic engineering) to produce crops. The role GM foods should take on the global food supply should be to show an improvement in biotechnology for crop production, alleviate world issues and keep health effects away from people. Despite the fact that GMOs have been around for a long time, it wasn 't until just recently that individuals have turned out to be more concerned with them. Then again, numerous organizations that create GMOs, attempt to make others believe that the foods they produce are beneficial and helpful for the environment; while that may be genuine first look, many others who are against GMOs believe that these organizations trick individuals into accepting false data. Does GM innovation accommodate more proficient and manageable food production; if so how can it benefit producers, consumers and the environment? On the other hand is it a tainting risk to customary products, and
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