Genetically Modified Organism Or Gmo

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ntroduction: Genetically modified organism or GMO, while a genetic marvel that has the capability to advance our scientific knowledge also brings fear into people’s hearts and minds whenever mentioned in the media. For years its usage and dangers have been hotly debated within the science community and the general public. It seems that a good portion of the nation’s population are afraid of GMOs, and unfortunately many people that are anti- GMO are very under informed in what or how GMO is created. According to World Health Organization (WHO), genetically modified organisms are animals, plants, or prokaryotes in which their DNA is altered in a way that does not occur naturally by mating or natural recombination.1 By this definition, the only difference between GMO and naturally occurring organisms is one is made in a laboratory while the other is created through a natural process like mating. The process in which a GMO is produced, strictly speaking, is very simple. There are only three things needed to accomplish a modified organism and these are: the insert gene, target species, and vector(HudsonAlpha)2. To initiate the process, the insert gene must be cut and isolated through restriction enzymes, then transferred to the target gene, thereby becoming the vector2. In 1978, Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer introduced recombinant DNA technology that resulted in the biotechnology “boom” (Ballard et al.)3 and with it gave rise to genetic engineering. After Cohen and
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