Genetically Modified Organisms And Simple Language

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The advancement in the techniques employed in the field of biotechnology in the recent years have enthused many hopes and fears in the society. The application of biotechnology in agriculture and food production, and its possible impact on the environment is the main concern with the public. Although the scientists feel that the GM foods pose no real threat as opposed to the normal food crop yet the release of genetically modified organisms into the environment and their use in food production has created a much debatable concern and interest in the general public and media. It has provoked extreme reaction from the advocacy group as well. The genetically modified organisms are here to stay as these would help to overcome food shortage…show more content…
In the United States these gained acceptance by 1994. Between 1996 and 2002, the global area of cultivated GM crops increased 35-fold from 1.7–58.7 million hectares1 (Hails and Kinderlerer 819). Despite such a large area under cultivation GM crops have not been widely accepted. There is a difference in public opinion across the globe. The success of this endeavor depends largely on public support. The scientists and policy makers should understand the attitudes and concerns of the society. All three shareholders i.e. public, decision makers and scientists need to communicate and interact to understand the technology, which will effect the environment, human and animal health. Scientists view that GM Technology will boost the yields, improve crop quality and food nutrition, create pest resistant better drought tolerant varieties. This also aims to lower environment impact by better water and fertilizer exploitation, provide plants for pharmaceuticals and vaccines and reduce post harvest wastages (Davies S129). As per Jim Peacock, to feed the ever-increasing world population in the next 30–40 years, if we do not want to destroy our remaining forests, we will need to produce double the amount of food from the same amount of land. This is where GM crops play an important role as they increase the efficiency of food
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