Genetically Modified Organisms Are More Prevalent Now Than Ever Before Essay

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In a broad sense, genetic modification has been around far as long as agriculture has (about 12,000 years). Throughout history, humans have been crossbreeding similar varieties of plants to create more durable, disease-resistant, and overall satisfactory crops. In more recent history, we have come to understand why crossbreeding was such a successful technique to create a more desirable harvest. From Gregor Mendel discovering heredity in the 1850s, to Watson and Crick unlocking the genetic code in 1954, our scientific understanding of genetics has immensely improved. With modern technology and agricultural practices, GMOs are more prevalent now than ever before. While we do still utilize crossbreeding, today many of our genetically modified organisms are generated and tested for desirable traits in laboratory settings. In these laboratories, scientists are capable of adding or removing individual genes in the DNA to enhance or remove certain traits in the plants. These modification practices have made produce bigger, more durable, more pest resistant, and more nutritious than ever before. However, the increased prevalence of GMOs in our produce has also incited substantial fear from consumers. GMOs are scientifically proven to be safe, yet many consumers still prefer to opt for more expensive organic produce even though it is no more nutritious. On top of that, there is now an increased push to require all produce and food products containing any genetically
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